Our offerings & pricing

Our offerings & pricing

We offer both package and custom tours. We are able to maintain competitive pricing while still making a social impact because we believe that the pennies gone and the good don’t. Yet, helping each other is the most important issue in this world.

Where your money goes:

The main idea behind creating this social business is to help vulnerable families and to contribute by creating sustainable development in some vulnerable areas that need more attention and care. For that, 15% of the yearly revenue will go directly to two associations:

« Association Anajah pour le développement et les travaux sociaux » works to reduce the dropout from school of girls in a small village called Rbat Lahjar in Zagora City, and simultaneously works to provide water for the population in a desert area that has a bad water shortage situation.
« Chabab Time » works all over Morocco to increase the participation of youth in managing local issues and also to promote Environmental Awareness among Children & youth. It works to help the young people’s voice be heard.
These two associations can either help the vulnerable families directly in their areas by organizing summer camps for their children, or by helping them create their own local social enterprises.

How we select the families we support:

We focus on the vulnerable families (widows, divorced, big poor families, nomads …) in the marginalized areas. Their selection is based on the area and our itinerary, meanwhile their willingness to help themselves and to join our Morocco social project. We believe that helping others must be through their willingness to help themselves and by holding the slogan that says “if you give a poor man a fish you feed him just for a day but if you teach him to fish you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.”
Our experience in tourism, and the assessments we have run with many customers during these last two years, offer us an asset to merge Humanitarian travel with custom travel without losing the benefit of enjoying your holidays and the beautiful touristic sights you are wanting to visit.