COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

Unconditionally, the health and safety of our travellers, staff and partners continues to be our top priority. And we’re here to help. As borders reopen and people resume their travel plans, new restrictions and government policies are being put in place to ensure safe travel.
Thus, we aren't going to tell you what you already know because you've heard it all a thousand times. That said, we know that if we abide by the recommended precautions, safety measures, and common sense, we will get through this together and travel will be progressively back on the agenda.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

Your health and safety is our top priority. Our tour guides, local families, partners and the entire staff are enforcing best practices in the midst of COVID-19, in compliance with official safety guidelines issued by our government. We are taking the following safety measures to keep you safe:


- Our guests, tour guides and drivers will keep a safety distance of 1.5 metres to 2 metres.
- To prevent crowds, most attractions have restricted the number of people allowed in the venue, hence you may have to pick time slots for your visit.
- Group tours will be conducted in small numbers and guides will ensure that safety distancing norms are maintained.


- We ensure regular cleaning of the vehicle at the start and end of the tour.
- Our drivers disinfect all surfaces that guests, tour guides and driver have come in touch with.
- In certain places, the use of toilets will not be allowed. Our guests will be advised to use toilets before departure and at stopovers.
- Our guests are requested to avoid bringing heavy luggage as some hotels and Riads have denied staff to touch any of guest’s belongings. If someone of our staff is handling luggage, he/she will do so wearing gloves.

Traveller hygiene

- Our guests, tour guides and drivers are obliged to clean their hands regularly. Our guests are encouraged to wash their hands at departure points and at stopovers during the tour.
- Sanitizing solution is available to guests at all times. A disinfectant dispenser will be placed next to the entrance and exit door of vehicles.
- For your protection, make sure to carry your own mask and gloves.
- We have the right to refuse permission to join or continue the tour for guests who do not wear masks.


- We’ve limited the number of guests travelling in 4 wheel drive, minivan/Minibuses or buses to maintain appropriate distancing between travellers on board.
- The tour guide may give instructions on seat selection if necessary.
- Change of seats is not permitted during the tour.

Contactless boarding

- The check-in process by most tour operators will be done through the mobile phone to avoid contact with paper or other people.
- The guides and front-line staff will wear gloves when receiving vouchers.
- When you join one of our tour, temperature screening of staff and all travellers will be conducted before the start of the tour. Those with temperatures higher than 37.5 °C/99.5 °F will not be allowed to be part of the tour.
- At the beginning of the activity, our tour guide will communicate the health protection protocol that will be followed during the tour.

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